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Decorate with us: Rainbow unicorn cake video tutorial

For our newbie bakers, piping rosettes can be tricky at the start. I'd say, it was only after my 3rd time decorating this Unicorn cake that I truly got use to it. So keep your chin up & enjoy the process of learning something new!

We recommend that you pipe your first few rosettes at the top as shown in the video below. This will give you the opportunity to practice & don't worry about how they turn out. Once the fondant decorations are inserted at the top, they'll hide everything!

For everyone who is comfortable with piping rosettes, there's no need follow our instructions! Feel free to go & do your own thing. 😎
Below are two tutorials using slightly different methods to pipe on the "unicorn mane".
Method 1. shows you how we piped all the rosettes directly onto the cake.

Method 2. shows you how to pipe your rosettes onto baking paper & then adhere them onto your cake by hand.


With Method 2. :
  • Make sure the piped rosettes are completely firm! It should take around 15 mins in the fridge. To check, first gently touch the rosettes to see if they are firm. Then try & peel one off the baking paper. If they aren't ready, you'll know because they'll feel soft & squidgy still.
  • Keep a wet towel close by, as your hands will get a bit dirty when you start securing the rosettes onto the cake.


Hope everyone found these two tutorials helpful.
Comment below & let us know if it did!

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