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Learn how to make white buttercream icing like the pros!

Have you ever wondered how to the professionals make their buttercream so white?

Buttercream recipes with a high butter content will naturally have a yellow tinge to it & whilst the more you beat the butter, it will turn lighter. It would never, however, be fully white.

To make your buttercream whiter, all you have to do is add in violet food gel! Use a toothpick to add tiny amounts at a time & mix. Make sure to check before adding more - too much & it'll start turing pink.

Bakeitbox Rainbow Unicorn Cakes


In this picture, we forgot to add violet food gel to the cake on the left & you can see what a stark difference it makes!





Curious how this works? Let's take a look at the colour spectrum chart below.

Do you see how blue & purple are opposite yellow?

Colour Spectrum Wheel

This mean that those colours will neturalise yellow, & in effect turn it white.  So if you're ever in a pickle & your buttercream isn't exactly the colour you wanted, take a look at the colour wheel & see if it can help! 

PS. I know some of you smart cookies will be asking why we don't suggest you use blue food gel too then. Apparently blue food gel works fine, but the general consensus from the baking community is that violet works much better.


Hope you learnt something new today!



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