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Springtime Cupcakes | Tips & Troubleshooting!

Hello bakeitbox fam!

Just a few tips to help you make your own vanilla cupcakes even better! Keep on reading below:


No. 1  : You will need 380g of butter in TOTAL

Friendly reminder - that’s 380g of butter that you need to make BOTH the cupcakes & buttercream icing!

But, for anyone wondering… if you do add 380g of butter into the cupcake batter by accident, don’t worry - they’d still taste great! 😝  You’d just have extra batter to spare!!

No. 2  :  Did you know pink coloured fondant fades quickly? 

Yup, it does. So if you’re making these cupcakes a few days in advance, make the pink fondant more vibrant than you’d like & the colour will last a tad longer. 

Pink fondant fades quickly! Day 1 vs. Day 3 vs. one week later shows the pink fondant gradually changing to white

PS. The pink food colouring included in your Nov 2016 baking kit is extremely vibrant. Only add a teeny tiny amount at a time using the toothpicks included in your kit. Then knead whilst wearing the disposable gloves to protect your hands!

 No. 3  :  Buttercream vs. air bubbles 

Best to avoid bubbles if you can in the first place! Due to the small batch being made, we recommend mixing your buttercream slowly to avoid developing air bubbles in it, especially once you start adding the icing sugar in.

If you already have some of those pesky air bubbles? There's not much you can do we're afraid, but try mixing on the low setting for another 1-2 minutes - that should help reduce the appearance. We’ve also noticed that resting the buttercream overnight does appear to help!

Use the fondant flowers to cover any imperfections in the piped buttercream!

Otherwise, just stick your fondant flowers on any big bubbles to hide them! They’d still look & taste amazing regardless!

Bonus :  Buttercream 101  

For anyone new to buttercream - like all other buttercream icing, this white chocolate one will set, forming a crust, so make sure to get those fondant flowers onto your cupcake before that happens.


Happy baking everyone & if you have any more of your own tips & tricks or questions, feel free to comment below & share with us!

Love, the Bakeitbox team



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