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How to make your own DIY piping bag using baking paper

Wondering why a baking paper piping cone is recommended in this months’ bakeitbox? They don’t have a seam along the edge that disposable plastic piping bags have, which means you get perfectly piped round lines!

Use this piping bag to pipe the melted chocolate onto your cake pops.


  1. Cut a square piece of baking paper. Fold it in half diagonally & then cut along the fold, creating two triangles.
  2. Hold one triangle so that the longest of the three sides is facing away from you.
  3. Take one corner & curl it inwards towards the middle, creating a point (or tip) at the center of the long side of the triangle. You will see that you have started to create a cone shape.
  4. Wrap the other triangle corner around the cone shape that you’ve created. 
  5. Then wiggle and pull at the points of the cone to make the tip tight & sharp.
  6. Fold in all three points inwards to hold the cone in place.
  7. Fill the piping cone with your melted chocolate. Then flatten the top of the open end, fold in the two corners & then roll the bag up tightly.
  8. Cut a tiny hole in the tip & start piping those bunny paws on!



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