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Baking - Tips & Troubleshooting

Help! My whoopie pies don’t look like hearts! Why?

Problem A: They look more like peaches and less like hearts.

Solution to try: You might be piping too much batter. Try reducing your pressure on the piping bag & pipe less batter in the “V” formation. Less batter = less spreading.


Problem B: I’m following the dotted line, but my cookies look squashed & narrow (like in the picture on the left).

Solution to try: Try piping at a wider angle. Ie. Wider space between the two "V" arms.

Troubleshooting: When your whoopie pies don't look like hearts

Problem C: My heart cookies look lopsided where one side is bigger than the other (like the 2nd pic from the left)!

Solution to try: There’s probably too much batter at one side & not enough on the other. As shown in our video here, squeeze a little bit more batter onto the side with less batter, then smooth it out with your finger using water. 

Secondly, ensure that the two arms of the "V" begin & end at the same height. 

When piping, ensure the two "V" arms start at the same point


Problem D: My baked heart have spread into each other!

Solution to try: For your next batch, reduce your pressure & pipe less batter onto the baking sheet. Alternatively, grab a pencil and on one side of the baking paper, trace the outline of each heart, but give them more space in between each other. Then flip the baking sheet over & pipe your batter onto that side.


Can I pipe more than x6 cookies per baking sheet?

You can definitely pipe more if you have a larger tray. Just make sure to give them as much space as possible to avoid your cookies spreading into each other.

Ensure you leave ample space between each cookie, as they will spread once baked!

   Side by side comparison of how big they can spread once baked:





How do I know when they are done?

First, lightly touch them in the middle & they should spring back. Second, once they are cooled, they should come off the baking paper cleanly like this:

You'll know your red velvet cookies are done when they easily come off the baking paper

If you have some difficulty removing them & your cookies easily break apart in your hands, or find much more crumbs stuck to the baking paper, bake the next batch for an additional 30 sec to 1 min.

I overbaked my cookies and now they are dry, what do I do?

Don’t worry at all if they turn out a bit dry. Once you add in the filling, the cookies will absorb some of that moisture & the next day, you should find your whoopie pies nice & soft!

Why do you not recommend storage in an airtight container?

Personally, we found that storing these whoopie pies in an airtight container in the fridge, caused a build up of too much moisture inside, which led to the outside of the cookies turning a little bit wet & sticky over a few days. They still tasted great tho!


We hope you find this blog helpful & if you have any other questions, comment below or contact us directly. Also don't forget to see our video & blog post on how to pipe these gorgeous heart shaped whoopie pies. 

 Happy baking!


X Emily


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