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Marshmallow cream cheese filling - Tips

We tested & re-tested our marshmallow cream cheese filling over 5 times before we were satisfied with the final recipe! Here are a few more helpful tips for our Feb 2017 bakeitbox. Get reading!

 What’s it suppose to taste like?

Imagine cream cheese icing but with a texture that reminds you of fluffy marshmallow. 

Tasty marshmallow cream cheese filling

Tip 1: Best time to make?

Avoid make this filling on a hot day if possible, otherwise you may have issues with the filling being too soft to pipe. If it does become too soft, pop it in the fridge anywhere from 30 mins to an hour or even longer until firm.


 Tip 2: Ratio of marshmallow vs cream cheese

If you’re not that keen on marshmallows in general, add less of it to your cream cheese base mixture, or omit it altogether – totally up to you!

PS. The marshmallow mixture alone, makes an awesome filling too (but just so you know, in this particular kit, it won’t be enough to fill all the whoopie pies). 


Tip 3: How sweet?

We’ve left it up to you to decide how sweet you’d like your filling to be, by adding as much or as little sifted icing sugar as you wish. BUT, do make the filling a tad sweeter than you would normally like as the red velvet cookies are already very chocolately. If the filling isn’t sweet enough, you may find the cookies may end up overpowering the filling.


Tip 4: Go easy on the folding

When combining your marshmallow mixture to the cream cheese, gently fold them into each other.  Too much or too vigorous mixing may cause the fats to separate, deflating your filling & turn runny. 

If it does turn runny, we'd recommend two solutions to try: 1) add more sifted icing sugar and then 2) pop it in the fridge for a few hours to overnight. 


Tip 5: Experiment with other flavours!

Do you have any fresh strawberries lying around? Add a layer in between.

Or make a sauce of fresh/frozen berries + sugar & swirl it in your filling. (But be aware, the more additional liquids you add, the more you are thinning out the filling consistency).

Or add a dollop of Nutella/caramel sauce right in the center for an extra surprise. Go for it!


Tip 6: Piping consistency
Highly recommend you test the stiffness first, especially if it’s a warm day! Pipe & sandwich together one whoopie pie & see if the filling is firm enough to hold up the top cookie. You’ll know if its not stiff enough because the filling will start to ooze out within a few seconds.


Thats the last of our tips for our Feb 2017 Valentine's Day bakeitbox. Let us know if you have any more helpful tips to add to this!



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