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How to pipe perfect heart shaped whoppie pies!

Hello bakeitbox family!

For Feb’s Valentine’s Day themed baking kit, we’d say the most challenging part is piping out your red velvet batter to create the heart shape! So have a read below for our step-by-step explanation.

But remember, at the end of the day, nothing beats a homemade treat made with love & that is what counts (not how they look!)

How to pipe heart shaped whoopie pies/ cookies: 

  1. Cover template with baking paper
  2. Whilst applying even pressure, following the dotted line, pipe a “V” shape - start at the top, go down and then back up.
  3. To end off, go back down & flick. 
  4. Check how they look & if one side has too little batter, add more.
  5. Use water to smooth out any peaks.
  6. Bake your cookies!
  7. Allow cookies to cool completely before handling, as they are naturally soft.

This is what you want to be aiming for:

Bake It Box: Before & after your whoopie pies cookies are baked!

LASTLY, if its just not working out for you, no stress! Pipe round blobs out & you'll have yourself the "traditional" whoopie pies. 👌  Remember, baking is something you learn & improve with practice. Just have fun!


Also, click here to see more tips & troubleshooting questions & answers.

 Good luck & happy baking!

X Emily


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