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Extra Tips For Your Pattern Swiss Roll


1. Tips for piping the polka dots.

2. Why is the bottom of my sponge cake super sticky?

3. Help! The polka dots have come off my sponge cake. What do I do?


1. Tips for piping the polka dots. 

  • Pipe the mixture directly into the center. Then use your piping tip to push the mixture outwards. Just take your time with it!

  • If one circle is looking a tad wonky, don't worry about it! Just scrap it off and try again.
  • If your mixture is a bit runny, pop the piping bag into the fridge for about 5 min. That will help firm it up. But FYI, your darker purple mixture will be runnier than the lighter purple due to more food colouring being added to it.

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2. Why is the bottom of my sponge cake super sticky? 

If the bottom (aka. where your pattern is) is extremely sticky, your sponge cake is most likely still under-baked. Another indication that it's under-baked is when the pattern easily comes off the cake & instead sticks to the baking paper.

If this happens, we suggest you bake your sponge for another 5 or so minutes. If you don't want to, you should still be able to roll & fill it. It's just that your sponge will remain super sticky & it can get messy...

Ie. You'll find all the polka dots sticking to your fingers. Learn from our mistakes guys! 

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    3. Help! The polka dots have come off my sponge cake. What do I do? 

    First, when you are peeling the baking paper away, do it VERY slowly. Even if your sponge cake is well baked, you still may find some polka dots sticking to the baking paper.

    So don't worry so much! Dollop a tiny amount of your filling onto the dot & you can stick it back onto the cake. Easy! (trust us, no one will be able to tell one bit).

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    Hope these tips were helpful.

    Happy baking everyone!


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