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Wafer Paper Flower Tutorial

  Watch all the way to the end to see our bonus tutorial, showing you how to make a fuller wafer paper flower!

Things you will need:

Items you'll need to make paper wafer flowers

  • Wafer paper
  • Water
  • White fondant
  • Gold metallic balls
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Petal template

You can find wafer paper at your local cake decorating store.

To find petal templates, search online for a petal style you like. Then print out a large & smaller sized version of it.

To re-create our fuller wafer flower:

Pretty Wafer Paper Flower

You'll need:

  • (Bottom) Layer 1: x6 large petals
  • Layer 2: x5 medium petals
  • Layer 3: x5 small petals
  • Layer 4: x3 small petals

Watch video tutorial at 4:27

  • To make the centre of the flower, lightly wet the sides of the petals & adhere them to each other.
  • Also, don't forget, when building each new layer, place the first petal where the two larger petals cross.

Extra tips:

  • You only need a TINY amount of water to make the wafer paper tacky. If you do find that you added too much, put it aside & let it air dry.
  • Store excess wafer paper in a zipped lock bag in a dry & cool place.



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