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Lemon Cake Video Tutorial + Extra Tips

 Hope you all find this tutorial help when baking up your January bakeitbox!


Extra Tips & Info:

Planning on baking on a very warm/hot day?

Make sure to turn your air-con on, otherwise, you may find your mouse may be too soft to work with. Alternatively, avoid assembling your cake on a hot day altogether.

Making over a few days?

We'd recommend making the lemon curd & cake first, followed by the lemon mousse. Lastly, best to make the meringue icing & assemble your cake on the day of serving.

This is because once the meringue icing is exposed to air, it'll start to develop a rubbery outer layer & eventually start to separate (which is not so tasty!). So, if there is any cake leftover, just to be safe, scrape off the meringue before storage.

How do I store the cake?

Please keep this cake refrigerated at all time & remove it from the fridge 30 min before serving. This allows the mousse to reach room temp. & have a yummy soft consistency. But on a hot day, don't leave your cake out too long, as it may collapse!

Second, because this cake is a 'naked cake' (ie. no icing covering the sides of the cake), the outside will start to dry out within 2-3 days. So, to keep your cake soft & yummy for longer, best to slice it up & store in an air-tight container. Or, at least cover your cake with cling-wrap & then foil. If stored well, this cake will still taste amazing, up to a week!

What are the x3 disposable piping bags for?

You'll be filling x2 of them up with your lemon mousse & the last one is for your meringue icing.

My mousse is too soft to pipe with. What do I do?

Stop what you are doing & place it in the freezer. Check after 10-15 min to see if its firm enough to pipe with.

Do I really have to freeze each cake layer for 15 min?

YES! This is an important step & we don't suggest you skipping it!

Mousse is naturally very soft in consisentcy, so if you don't allow each cake layer filled with the mousse to firm up first.. you WILL risk your cake collapsing...!!


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