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Do you have a 23cm baking tin?

For this months Giant Cookie baking kit, we recommend using a 23cm (9") round cake tin & the baking time of 30mins is based on that. But if you don't have one, use any other baking tin you have that is of similar size & start checking your cookie at 20-25mins.

This cookie dough will however, SPREAD so MAKE SURE that the height of the tin you use is taller than the thickness of the dough after you've pressed & flattened it in. Otherwise your cookie may spill out over the edge!

You can also use a pizza tray to make an even larger giant cookie too! Since it'll be thinner, it'd likely bake faster so start checking it at 10-15mins.

If you're planning on using just a sheet of baking paper, please MAKE SURE you leave A LOT extra space. Like we said above, this dough will SPREAD A LOT!

We made some mini cookies which were 2cm in diameter & once baked they grew to 4.5cm in diameter. 


Happy baking your August bakeitbox! Don't forget to take a snap & share with us. We get such a big thrill from seeing your creations.



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