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Easter cupcakes | Step-by-step tutorial

This is the last video tutorial of our 3 part series for our March 2017 Easter themed bakeitbox. Happy baking everyone!


 Extra tips

  1.  Take your cupcakes out of the fridge 10-15mins prior to allow your icing to soften
  2. Regularly rub oil on your scissors to prevent the marshmallow sticking
  3. When making the bunny tail, after folding the marshmallow into a knob shape, if you find it doesn't stick together, add melted chocolate to act as a glue.
  4. Place the flower decorations to hide any areas that don’t look so good.


Also, make sure to have a look at our other video tutorials in this series:

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2) Learn how to make a piping cone using baking paper / parchment paper - click here



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