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How to pipe grass without a grass piping tip [Part 2]

Piping grass onto carrot cake cupcakes 

Q1: Best time to make?

Avoid make this cream cheese frosting on a hot day. If it becomes too soft, pop it in the fridge anywhere from 10-15 mins or longer until it has firm up. It also helps if you pipe only a few cupcakes a time & then immediately refrigerate.

Q2: I can't fold up the tip because there is air.

Use a toothpick to prick the very top of the piping bag to allow the air to flow out.

Q3: Do I really need a round piping tip?

No, not at all! This method works very well without the need of any piping nozzle. We, however, found that using a round piping tip improves precision.

Q4: How many holes should I poke?

That's up to you, but we'd say anywhere from 6-10. But this method works best with pricking holes at a concentrated location (Ie. not sporadically & everywhere). Otherwise, you'll find your icing may flow out left right & center! 

Q5: Help.. I can't squeeze the icing out out all!

First, check to see whether the holes you created are big enough. If they look fine, it sounds like your cream cheese icing may be too cold. Leave it on the bench for 5 mins & try again.

Piped grass on cupcake


Q6: My icing is coming out but it looks a bit like curdled spaghetti 

 Your cream cheese icing may be too cold. Leave it out on the bench for 5 mins & try again. 


Q7: I can squeeze the icing out, but I need to apply large amounts of pressure, is this normal?

Yup, get ready for arm workout at the very start. So make sure you hold the open end of the piping bag securely so that icing doesn't spill out.

You will, find it gets easier as the amount of icing in your bag reduces. But because of the warmth of your hands, towards the end, your icing may start to melt. Stop piping & pop it in the fridge to firm up again.


Part 1 of our "How to pipe grass without a grass piping tip" blog is available here!

If you have any other questions, contact us anytime. Happy Baking!


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