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How to pipe grass without a grass piping tip [Part 1]

We believe one of the best ways to learn is through watching, so watch our video below to see how to pipe on "grass" on your cupcake or cake, without having to buy a grass piping tip!

#Baking hack: How to pipe grass: 


  1. Fold down tip of piping bag
  2. Secure with sticky tape.
  3. Prick holes into the bottom & wiggle to create larger openings. 
  4. Test by squeezing icing out.
  5. Re-prick holes to enlarge them if needed.
  6. Get piping! Start in the center, then gently tap cupcake on a surface.
  7. Then pipe along the cupcake edge and TADAH, you have made "grass" without a specialised grass piping tip.

Note: A round piping tip is NOT needed at all.

But we found, using a round piping nozzle improves the piping precision & we personally prefer this method. So go ahead & use the round piping tip that you receive in your Feb bakeitbox!

Click here to read Part 2 for recommendation & troubleshooting solutions on piping grass using this technique.


Special credits to Ann Reardon of How To Cook That Youtube channel for this piping hack, which we altered slightly. We are huge fans of Ann's baking channel, so check her out!

Original Youtube video: 8 PIPING BAG HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW, skip to section 3:07.




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