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Drip cakes | Top 10 tips to making the best drip cake ever! [Part 2]

This is part two of our TOP 10 tips to helping you create your own drip cake! If you haven't seen part one yet, click here to read it first. Everyone else, lets continue the countdown!

No. 5  :  Chocolate bark

Again, with cold weather, you’re probably not going to be the best of buddies whilst doing this step… First, if you're in need of ideas, see our inspiration board here

Second, make sure you have all your ingredients & tools laid out in front of you – as you will need to work fast. If you find that your chocolate has already set, don’t worry! Very carefully pop it in the microwave, for no more than 5 secs at a time. White chocolate can easily seize if you microwave it for too long and too high!

How to make & decorate chocolate bark

Lastly, don’t break them into too small pieces! You can always make smaller shards but not the other way round.

No. 6  :  Get in the zone!

It helps to have some visual inspiration in front of you. Use our Pinterest board of drip cakes or check out some of our fav Instagram drip cake trendsetters:

No. 3  :  Mastering the drip

We’d say this step is probably the most difficult of all. So here is what we recommend - first, make sure your cake is cool or has been refrigerated for at least 20min. A cool cake will help to set your glaze faster.

Second, use a cake turner, but if you don’t have one, make sure you’re able to move all around the cake.

Third, make the glaze just before you are ready to assemble, then let sit for a few minutes. The glaze still has to be warm in order for you to get a nice flow. Then cut a very very small piece off the tip of the piping bag & ever so gently squeeze.

If it looks like this, this means your glaze is probably still too warm.

Drip cake the drip too thin

If it looks like this – this means that it’s probably a tad too cool.  

Drip cake with chocolate drip too thick 

 No 2  :  Where to begin?

We recommend you start with your largest pieces of chocolate bark. Then add various small sizes and shapes around them. Every now and then, take a step back to see how it looks. Sometimes more isn’t necessarily always better!

For large bark pieces, use buttercream frosting to help further stabilise them at the back!
Chocolate shards supported by piping buttercream frosting behind them

No. 1  :  But lastly and most importantly … Have fun!

Remember guys, just enjoy & have fun! It doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s already IS spectacular since it was made all by YOU. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

So that is it, our top 10 tips for making a spectacular drip cake! We hope you found these tips useful! Leave a comment if you have any more that we could add to this list!



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  • Bake It Box on

    Hi Dolores. Apologies for the belated response but good question indeed! The glaze is generally made via two ways (cream + chocolate or cream + butter). If you’re making it via one of those means, it won’t bleed at all into your buttercream at all. You can definitely make & assemble the cake the day before. The only thing you need to be cautious of is the type of decorations that you put on top. Some (ie. fairy floss, honeycomb) once exposed to air will start to break down within a few hours. So make sure the decorations you put are stable.
    Emily, Bake It Box

  • Dolores Leropoulos on

    Can i make my drip cake completely the dsy before im using it? Will the glaze colour bleed into the buttercream

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