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How to: use dental floss to cut your cinnamon scroll log

When slicing your log into cinnamon scrolls, the type of knife to use should be a serrated knife (ie. a knife that looks a bit like a saw used for cutting bread). But honestly, dental floss is by far the best way to obtain perfectly round slices without squashing them!

Just make sure the dental floss you purchase is the unscented kind.

#Baking hack: How to cut dough using dental floss: 

  1. Lightly mark on the top of the dough where you would like to make the cuts
  2. Slide dental floss underneath the dough
  3. Align the two ends at the location you want to cut the dough
  4. Cross the two ends of the floss over the top of the dough & then pull in the opposite direction.



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