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Make your own DIY cake pop stand

Learn how to make this very easy DIY cake pop stand below:

DIY cake pop stand

Items you will need:

  • A pen / metal skewer
  • A cardboard box (ie. use the box your bakeitbox baking kit came in!)
  • A lollipop stick
  • Space filler (eg. scrunched up newspaper, plastic bags, etc)


DIY cake pop stand - 1. Fill box with 2/3 with space filler (eg. plastic bags or newspaper)

1. Fill up ~2/3 of the cardboard box with plastic bags, scrunched small pieces of newspaper and/or whatever space filler you have available. It's important to fill this space out, otherwise once you place your dipped cake pops in the stand, they are likely to fall & move around.

2. Turn the box over & using a pen or a metal skewer, pierce holes into the top. Make sure to evenly space them out.


DIY cake pop stand: 3. Push a lollipop stick through each hole to ensure a tight fit.

3. Push a lollipop stick through each hole to ensure a tight fit & there you have it, your own DIY cake pop stand!

You could also dress up your cake pop stand by painting on it, tie a big ribbon bow around it or cover it with some tissue paper or cloth too!


Happy crafting!




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